GraceNotes is a concise quarterly Bible study on the important issues related to salvation by grace and living by grace.


GraceLife Articles are written works that have been published. They are more in-depth than GraceNotes and cover a wide range of topics.


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Dr. Bing speaks on a regular basis around the world. See Dr. Bing's favorite sermons and seminars here. If you would like to schedule him to speak at your church for an event please do so through the contact form.


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Listen to various speakers online in mp3 format. Some mp3's, where noted, are available as audio cd's in the bookstore. The studies are broken up by topic, conference or book.

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The 2nd GraceLife Edition of Charlie Bing's Ph.D. dissertation on Lordship Salvation has been updated and designed for easy use by a broad audience. You will find a clear in-depth discussion of the four main issues in the Lordship controversy: The significance of faith, repentance, Christ's lordship, and discipleship. An added Scripture index helps you find expositions for over 60 key Bible passages.

Simply By Grace

Simply by Grace is an easy-to-read introduction to a core Christian belief. By looking at the major questions and issues that surround the concept of grace, Charles C. Bing helps readers understand and appreciate this God-given gift and how simple it really is. "Because only when you understand the simplicity of His grace," writes Bing, "can you begin to understand its deep riches also."